To please the lovers of the white sport, we created the “Fun Skiing” Self-Instructor. Its purpose is to provide everything needed for the progress of the ski lovers. Unique to this self-instructor is the pictorial material and the analysis of the separate elements by the usage of graphics, which illustrate the methodology of teaching the techniques and give a greater overview of the studied. It also contains the necessary exercises for learning and perfecting those elements.

“Fun Skiing” is composes of several parts – for beginners, for intermediates, for advanced and for experts. They look separately at each level the skier has reached.

Based on our year long experience as coaches and ski instructors, our highly professional team created especially for you this program, so that you can visually assimilate the “puzzle” of the ski techniques. Thanks to the pictorial material and the graphics, everyone could judge what he has learnt and what is still to be learnt. Because the stake is high, namely to learn this beautiful and elegant sport. The “Fun Skiing” program is an aid to contemporary skiing and is appropriate to individuals over 18 years of age.