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This part of the self-instructor contains material appropriate for skiers, who are just beginning to study skiing. It also is appropriate for those that have recently started their occupation with this attractive kind of sport. Here they will find rich information, so necessary to build the “base”.
“Fun Skiing” for beginners is an important part. It helps the correct building of the skiers. It gives the “basics”, required for the development and the study of the next phases of the perfecting of the ski alpine technique. If those “basics” are lacking, the skiers’ development would be impeded or they would learn incorrectly the new elements and would be deprived of the pleasure to build a ski technique to be envied. That is why this part of “Fun Skiing” could be used also by skiers, who are skiing down the runs, but are experiencing difficulties.


1. Carrying the skis and placing them on the snow.

2. Warming up.

3. Preparation.

4. Correct posture.

5. Getting used to the equipment.

6. Turns.

7. Walking.

8. Falling down and getting up.

9. Climbing up.

10. Straight downhill run.

11. Snowplow

12. Arc with plow.

   You can order this DVD from here.